Patterns with Swift Concurrency in new APIs

I’ve watched a lot of this year’s WWDC sessions—like over 30 this weekend. This year just seemed to be really interesting and I’ve really enjoyed many of the videos. Also, I’m super excited about DocC and can’t wait to start building better documentation! One thing has been bugging me. After watching Meet async/await in Swift, Meet MusicKit for Swift and Meet StoreKit 2 sessions I started noticing an interesting difference in patterns in use with Swift Concurrency.

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I’ve started taking a ten-week-long online Japanese class. The idea is to learn with stories. It’s been interesting and a large departure from just trying to learn Kanji. I’m about 1/3 of the way through Remembering the Kanji and I still can’t read actual sentences or understand content. It’s a fun book but I think I need to make more progress with basics first. I can learn Kanji as I go too. The stories this class uses are very repetitive but it seems to work well as I feel like I can understand some basic sentences already. Excited for more!

I’ve been starting to read more articles and books about being a better Engineering Manager, so far I’ve read some great books like Crucial Conversations and An Elegant Puzzle. Today I found this Github resource that’s a booklist for Engineering Managers by @jesselpalmer. It has the books I’ve already read and many more!

So… I’ve been thinking about replacing my 2015 MacBook Pro and Windows PC I built in 2016 with something new. I decided to pick up a new 13" M1 MacBook Pro. It’s definitely much faster than my old Mac, but the battery life is unbelievable. I’ve been working on it all night since unboxing it. It started around 60% and 8 hours later I’m only down to 30%.

Saying Goodbye to Triangle Cocoa

Organizing Triangle Cocoa—CocoaHeads and NSCoder Nights—changed my life. My career was mostly focused on .NET programming for AutoCAD and I dabbled with Mac programming on the side. When the iPhone SDK was released I fell in love with it. I started learning as soon as it was possible—I went from dabbling to “taking it seriously”. There was a lot struggle in learning alone, none of my coworkers knew anything about Apple platforms and there wasn’t as much content out there as there is today.

Eleven years later–my career has changed, I’m a better engineer, and I’ve found a network of friends and mentors. Not to mention I’ve been a speaker at several conferences and even other meetups. After all this time, I’ve decided to move on as the organizer and find someone else to guide the group’s future.

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I borrowed a Mavic Pro 2 to potentially use for future One Charge Trips episodes. First I needed to practice so I made a small video of my first flight. Of course… I also crashed.

I‘ve done Inktober before and never finished the month. I‘m going to go for it again but this time not on paper. Linea, my favorite app for sketching on iPad, has released a new set of templates to use in the app specifically tailored for Inktober—complete with all the prompts.

Another episode of One Charge Trips was a visit to Hillsborough, NC to see the historic Occoneechee Speedway. It was a really hot day and we walked a lot! Really fascinating to see a place reclaimed by nature.