This conversation from @mmarfil inspired me to remove Google Analytics from my blog. I don't like being tracked and don't want to be a hypocrite so it's gone. I never even looked at it anyway.

Also, someday I dream of finally discovering what UIMage is. I seem to always type it when I’m looking for UIImage so maybe it’s a magical UI wizard that supplies images? 😜

One day of my Micropub-based endpoint working for my micro-blog, and now it’s already broken. I kind of want to build my own version now. I think I understand how the flow needs to work and it would be nice to be able to better configure how the markdown is created.

This week I read some of “The Call of Cthulhu” and other stories by HP Lovecraft. First time reading anything from that world. Not what I expected at all, but pretty interesting. 📚

Unfortunately, I couldn't get photos working through the nodejs project, which is mostly related to my lack of nodejs knowledge.

So basically, a post goes from -> A web app on Heroku -> Github -> Netlify. Simple! 😧

I created a small service on Heroku based on this project to publish to my Hugo-generated microblog. It seems to work well even though it’s built for Jekyll. Yay markdown!

Tonight I attended my son’s new meetup for anyone who enjoys the Rubik’s Cube. He brought a ton of cubes!

Talk of the “conference era” ending has me also thinking about CocoaHeads. There is social value but are presentations still valuable? Or is iOS just not cool anymore? Our local CocoaHeads has seen fewer attendees lately, is it time to significantly change it or end it?

I just published a new blog post where I talk about how I automate the process of posting a new blog post, Static Blog Automation.