Tonight I finished my “@meetup crossover” by completing the second part of my two parter about cross platform development. Part 1 at CocoaHeads October discussed it with Xcode, part 2 was tonight at TriDroid discussed with Android Studio.

I voted today in Durham. It might have been one of the strangest ballots I’ve seen. There was only one decision to make, Raleigh mayor.

My son is learning to code. I challenged him to make a change to my blog. He submitted a pull request to delete a photo of himself. 😀


This summer we went to the US Open. We’ve been watching tennis for the last several years but I’ve never really thought about why I enjoyed watching it so much. It’s easy to just accept that they are amazing athletes—they are—but that never seemed to explain why I would watch it like I would my favorite movie. This summer it hit me; it’s the waves of confidence they have to manage during a match. Outside of doubles, the players are basically on their own; one bad shot can set the tone for the next game, one great shot could lead to a win. I think we see this in the tech industry all the time.

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I love that there is a middle finger emoji 🖕 and that television networks sensor it when displayed. I guess if George Carlin were still alive, it would be “Seven Dirty Words and one emoji”.

I now have an iPhone X. I don’t think the notch is as annoying as I thought it would be, the screen is pretty amazing, and I don’t even miss the home button. Not sure yet on having the control center as a swipe down from the top of the screen.

Earlier this week I merged in some updates to my “internet weblog” theme for hugo, mostly to bring it up to the latest Hugo version. I also noticed it’s the only theme with the microblog tag so if you want to host your own microblog, check it out!

Had a great night celebrating Halloween at our neighbor’s cul-de-sac party. Both kids were there too which is rare for adult children!

I came across this aggregate of all 100-books-to-read-before-you-die lists. I’ve always wanted to read more so why wait? Starting tonight, I’ll be reading the first on the list: “The Great Gatsby”. I read it once in high school so it will be fun to read again.

I’m attempting to move my domain to Netlify so that I can automate deployments. Since my blog is based on Hugo, every time I post it’s a manual deployment. Now it should be commit post to Github > Auto Publish.