2021 in Photos: Part 1

Barbed Wire Fence in an alley off of Chapel Hill Street

I’ve been meaning to make more photo posts here over the years and always forget. I am posting over on flickr somewhat regularly but I’d really like to keep this as the source of all the things I am doing and will do. Unfortunately I don’t really want to flood several photo posts here so instead it’ll be a medley of my favorite photos so far this year.

In 2020 we did a lot of parks and nature photos. Starting off this year we thought we’d change things a bit and walk around Durham instead.

A tree between two buildings at Durham ID

In March, we were back to our old nature photography loving selves with trips to both Falls Lake and Wilkerson Nature Preserve.

This tree in Falls Lake was really fun to photograph, it looks very ominous.
I tried to do some hyperlapses of the waves, but this photo of my phone recording turned out much better.
Wilkerson Nature Preserve has a trail full of fairy houses in their "Fairy Migration", this red door into a tree stump was my favorite

In April, we tried to get some spring flowers into the mix with a visit to the WRAL Azalea Garden.

These tulips just looked so nice
Not flowers but this staircase looked really cool!

Finally in May we went to Chapel Hill’s Gene Strowd Community Rose Garden

Yellow Rose