…and our household record for the Christmas decorations going into the attic? February 4.

When recording the 34-cubes in 7 minutes video last week I accidentally lined up a photo that looks like the iPad is just a frame.

Wow, Forestry.io is pretty cool as a front-end to a static blog. It even reads in Hugo and Jekyll site params. All they need is a Micropub endpoint!

I watched Altered Carbon last night on Netflix. It was a pretty good sci fi series with an interesting world and some amazing visuals. I really enjoyed it and might have to read the book. 📺

This conversation from @mmarfil inspired me to remove Google Analytics from my blog. I don't like being tracked and don't want to be a hypocrite so it's gone. I never even looked at it anyway.

Also, someday I dream of finally discovering what UIMage is. I seem to always type it when I’m looking for UIImage so maybe it’s a magical UI wizard that supplies images? 😜

One day of my Micropub-based endpoint working for my micro-blog, and now it’s already broken. I kind of want to build my own version now. I think I understand how the flow needs to work and it would be nice to be able to better configure how the markdown is created.

This week I read some of “The Call of Cthulhu” and other stories by HP Lovecraft. First time reading anything from that world. Not what I expected at all, but pretty interesting. 📚

Unfortunately, I couldn't get photos working through the nodejs project, which is mostly related to my lack of nodejs knowledge.

So basically, a post goes from Micro.blog -> A web app on Heroku -> Github -> Netlify. Simple! 😧