I organize my development directory pretty well between work and side projects. Each of those directories usually has a _playground and _tools directory for testing things or common tools. Today I noticed my _playground directory is >8gb. That's a lot of sand.

That SpaceX launch today was pretty mind-blowing. I hope the future space-archeologists enjoy their discovery of some chunk of metal “Made on Earth by humans”. I think this might be my favorite gif right now though.

I wrote my first blog post on Android Development, Calling Kotlin from C++ about calling kotlin lambdas from C++. It's not as easy as it should be, but I'm super glad I figured it out!

Calling Kotlin from C++

At Highrise we’ve been building the future of our platform in a way that supports Android. We’ve put together a stack that is pretty challenging but really fun to build. It’s based on a C++ core and platform specific projects in Swift (for iOS) and Kotlin (for Android) that uses that core. On Swift you need to have an Objective-C++ wrapper for Swift to call functionality in the C++ core, but it’s pretty straightforward and things like wrapping a block in an std::function works pretty well. Android however runs on the JVM and requires using JNI to communicate with C++. This took away the niceness of Kotlin lambdas for asynchronous completion away from us. Or did it?

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→ On using Things 3

I really enjoyed this post about using Things 3. I’ve been using it off and on since last year but this post has already changed how I structure my projects. The funny thing is I now have more areas and projects but I don’t feel as overloaded as when I had a more dense hierarchy. I previously had projects children of companies or bigger contexts. Now projects have their own area.

📺 Now watching “The Cloverfield Paradox”. I can’t believe this was such a well-kept secret and it’s being released the same day it’s trailer was revealed. Is this the new future of Hollywood? Part of me hopes so, part of me likes building the hype.

…and our household record for the Christmas decorations going into the attic? February 4.

When recording the 34-cubes in 7 minutes video last week I accidentally lined up a photo that looks like the iPad is just a frame.

Wow, Forestry.io is pretty cool as a front-end to a static blog. It even reads in Hugo and Jekyll site params. All they need is a Micropub endpoint!

I watched Altered Carbon last night on Netflix. It was a pretty good sci fi series with an interesting world and some amazing visuals. I really enjoyed it and might have to read the book. 📺