The WhiteFox Keyboard

In 2013 I fell in love with mechanical keyboards. More specifically I fell in love with small mechanical keyboards. I still don’t really like big keyboards which is why I was so happy to learn about 60% sizes like the Poker II. That was my first, then in 2015 I picked up the Poker III. The one problem with the 60% size is there are no arrow keys. This wasn’t a big deal because I stubbornly used Karabiner to reconfigure certain key combinations to be arrow keys. This grew uncomfortable which really defeated the purpose of my Dvorak learning but the software also stopped working with macOS Sierra.

Earlier this year I learned about the WhiteFox Keyboard and ordered it on Massdrop. It arrived today.

So luxurious and very customizable!

For my first two keyboards I ordered Cherry MX Blue switches. This time around I switched to the more quiet Cherry MX Clear switches. So far I’m really happy with it. The WhiteFox is actually a 65% keyboard and as you can see, it has arrow keys. No more creating weird muscle memory for navigating with arrows! I’m typing this blog post with it now!

Another great thing is this keyboard is how simple it is to customize. They’ve done a pretty good job at to create a easy configurator that makes it simple to control the multiple layers. I’ve actually pushed my configuration to github so I can fetch it again if needed.

Obviously I’m in the honeymoon phase since I just received this today but overall, I’m really happy with it.