Videos for iOS and Mac Developers

I haven’t been very disciplined in updating this year. One of my goals for CocoaHeads in 2015 is to improve the quality of videos I record and find ways to improve I’ve been really inspired by some of the videos out there in the community.

360|iDev and 360|iDev Min

The folks at 360 have been pretty good about providing the videos from sessions at their conference. Currently there are videos from the last two years of 360|iDev and this years 360|iDev Min.

Session Videos from Denver and Greenville, SC


CocoaLove is a new conference in Philadelphia that is “about people, not tech”. They’ve started to post videos from this year’s event and they are pretty great.

Session Videos from Philadelphia


This is one of those conferences, like the C4 conferences, that I always say that I’ll attend “next year” but miss out. Then feel really bad that they aren’t continuing. Apparently that is happening to me again, Çingleton is apparently ending. Luckily they’ve provided videos for each year and I expect 2014’s videos are coming soon.

Session Videos from Montreal

Seattle Xcoders

This seems to be Seattle’s version of CocoaHeads. They’ve been posting videos from their sessions to vimeo and they are pretty great. If I’m ever in Seattle, I’d really like to make it to these meetings.

Session Videos from Seattle


NSScotland is a conference in… Scotland. I’d love to go to this sometime, but until then there are some great videos from their events.

Session Videos from Scotland

CocoaHeads Melbourne

I know this should fit under the banner but the people organizing CocoaHeads in Melbourne have consistently had really great videos. They inspire what I would like the Raleigh-Durham CocoaHeads videos to be like.

Session Videos from Melbourne