Over the Air Beta Testing for iOS Apps

As an enterprise iOS developer, I’ve had the wonders of over-the-air installation for my apps since iOS 4 dropped. I’ve enjoyed it so much so that I’ve pushed to make sure all our users have moved to iOS 4 (not the only reason, of course). So instead of sending a user an IPA file, they simply browse to your site from the device itself.

A few months ago, Hockey was announced that brought a similar workflow to beta testers of non-enterprise apps. Today, I learned about what could be the coolest start-up for iOS developers: TestFlightApp.

TestFlight App seems to wrap this process in a web application that makes the whole process even less of a hassle. I haven’t received a beta invitation yet so I can’t talk about it any more than that. Here’s hoping for a fast beta release!

TestFlightApp on Twitter