Objective-C Hackathon and JNJProgressButton

A few weeks ago I saw a tweet talking about how Objective-C lost it’s 10th place on the GitHub top language list. A bunch of developers thought this was a shame and started “Back on the Map” as a hackathon to get a bunch of developers committing some Objective-C to GitHub. I thought is was a cool idea and it is always fun to hack on an open source project, so I played along and made JNJProgressButton.

I’ve been really inspired by some new stuff I’ve been seeing (vagueness completely intentional). Due to this, I’ve been wanting to try to make a progress button. A button that not only started the action, but displayed the progress, is cancelable, and when complete shows the action the user needs to perform. This is completely inspired by something from a certain new mobile operating system.

I’m pretty sure it isn’t ready for production yet and may not be the best idea to use in an app (since it is inspired by something else). I think it is a cool little example at least and quite fun to play with. Check it out on GitHub now.