Moleskine for iPad = Dodocase

I’m generally not a case type person. I try to find the smallest case possible for my iPhone. Still, I wanted something that protected my iPad when tossed in my bag. Generally a fan of the Moleskine, the Dodocase was the top of my list. So how is it? I like it, and it actually makes me want to carry the iPad around more.

The Good

The overall feel is wonderful. It really does lead me to carry it more. It just feels good. I haven’t had the issue I’ve seen on youtube where the iPad easily falls out. I can see how it is possible as the corner foam really is all that is holding it in.

Opening the front cover shows the Ex Libris label. Can’t quite decide if I want to put my name in there or not. Maybe this is a spot for one of my many Apple stickers.

The not-so-good

While I don’t regret the dodocase, there are a few things that bug me. First up, the promo photos seem to show a different fabric on the outside of the case. The fabric on my case seem much more smooth and less of the texture that sold me on the case.

Second, the binding feels week. I am a little fearful that it will wear down over time.

If you want one, you’ll be waiting. We ordered this one in early June and it just now arrived. Now priced $59, it is a bit more than other cases. Knowing it is handmade helps make it feel worth it. Overall, I’m happy with it.