iPhone App Design Evolution - 100percent

Here it is, yet another video showing the process of creating an iPhone app, just a bit inspired by the video posted by tap tap tap. As you’ll see, this whole post is full of inspiration.

My latest project has been for a client that was looking for a focused percentage calculator. A quick search through the App Store shows a lot of tip calculators and even some percentage calculators. It would be very easy to pop a few controls and some simple math together to make an app, but aren’t Mac / iPhone interfaces supposed to be a bit more thought out? Well, yeah.

Keep reading for a video showing the process of designing the app from sketch, to final product. Or just check out the app on iTunes (iTunes link)

More on Inspiration

Ok, I said the post would be about inspiration. You don’t have to look far to see the inspiration for the design of 100percent. Tapbots create wonderful apps that are “utility robots designed and engineered for your iPhone and iPod Touch”. Now, 100percent is not a robot and not a direct clone, but you have to give credit when its due.

Video can be viewed on vimeo

Learn more about 100percent at Triple D Design or buy it now on the iTunes App Store