→ Introducing CocoaHeads TV

CocoaHeads is a great thing. Once a month our local community gathers together to talk about Apple Development, be geeks, and even talk about the latest movies. I like to imagine it as mini-WWDCs happening once a month, all over the world. That was the one flaw though, I’d like to visit all the CocoaHeads and see what they are talking about too. I noticed a few other groups had recorded their meetings, so I started recording our sessions hoping that more groups would do the same.

It hasn’t happened yet – most groups don’t record their sessions. What if there was a site that aggregated videos from all CocoaHeads groups? Would creating a place specifically for CocoaHeads videos help?

I think it’s worth exploring, so a couple weeks ago I launched CocoaHeads TV. Right now we have videos from Australia, China, France, and the United States.