Fall 2013 Conferences

2013 went by really quick. It seems like I just made my resolution to blog more (that didn’t turn out well). One easy blog post I normally like to do is a recap of any conference I attend. This fall I attended iOSDevCampDC, 360iDev, and CocoaConf Atlanta. Here is a quick review of each.

iOSDevCampDC 2013

This was my second time going to iOSDevCampDC. This time the event was a little smaller but no less fun. iOSDevCampDC is almost like a day-long CocoaHeads which I really enjoy. This time I was a speaker and did my talk on Building Playlists with AV Foundation.

As usual, my talks involve the Hoff.

There were some great talks including one by Mark Dalrymple and another on command line tools by Matthew Burke.

As a speaker, I was also a part of a panel for the first time. This was pretty exciting but I felt like a kid on stage with the likes of Mark Dalrymple and Dave Mark.

I’ll definitely be going back next time.


This was my first time at 360iDev and I’m really glad I went. There were a lot of great sessions and I got to meet a lot of other developers I’ve only spoken with online.

One of my favorite sessions was a general session with Carl Brown. The session, “Take the Red Pill”, was about going beyond yet another social network and building things for the real world.

Another great talk was about building apps around APIs by Michele Titolo, “API Jones and the wireframes of Doom”.

Videos for this year are available on vimeo. If you haven’t been, be sure to sign up for 360iDev in 2014.

This year, I’m going to attempt to be a speaker.

CocoaConf Atlanta

Finally I attended my third CocoaConf, this time in Atlanta. CocoaConf is always a great time. The Klein family creates a really fun environment with some great sessions.

My favorite session was Mikey Ward’s session “Privileged work on the Mac”. The session was really a story about a 72 hour hackathon that the Big Nerd Ranch does and how he figured out how to run tasks as root in a privileged environment. The storytelling made this really entertaining while still being full of great information.

I was also finally able to see James Dempsey and the Breakpoints perform their Cocoa-inspired songs. This alone might have been worth going to the event. I even bought the band’s shirt.

CocoaConf travels around the country and it is really worth attending.