Coding Weekend

This weekend I spent some time at the Ticketmaster DevJam in Durham. They are working on a public API with events, venues, and more that they’d like to get developers using. For me, it was a day long event with food and building a weird app with some friends.

The basic idea of the event was for Ticketmaster to get eyes on their new APIs and find things wrong with it. They’d like to get people giving feedback and building things. Several groups broke up and build some cool things and demo them at the end of the day.

So… what did I build? I worked with Ticketmaster Mobile Studio developer, Peter Foti to build something that the world really needs. The “Justin Bieber Warning System”.

Events with Justin Bieber

We pretty quickly mixed the data coming from the Ticketmaster Discovery API with the mapping engine we are building at BA3. By finding the specific ID of Justin Bieber, we were able to generate a list of events and their venue’s location. Now you can know what areas you can avoid this pop star.

We are not Beliebers. There are few places to avoid him in North America.

There were some more serious demos too. One team built began building IFTT integration so that you can connect triggers based on different discovery events. Another team built a Slack plugin.

Overall, it was a pretty fun weekend and I got to hang out with some friends while building comedic software.