→ The Github Way on iDeveloper TV Podcast

Episode 61 of iDeveloper podcast has guest star Danny Greg from Github. Aside from reavealing he didn’t know who James Earl Jones was, he discussed how Github gets work done.

He mentioned that their whole environment is built on being asynchronous. Meaning that everything is driven off of web-based communications and no meetings. They also have no deadlines, and focus on shipping. They ship like crazy. The Mac app is shipped several times a week and the web app is deployed much much more.

My take away was that I really want to get our continuous integration server up and running. Maybe even attempt to use hubot like Github does. Being able to say hubot deploy [project] seems pretty awesome. I don’t know how to implement an async environment when doing client work, so I think focusing on automating as much as possible is a good start.

Back to blogging and working without a clock

It’s that time of year again. That time, late in the year, where I start wishing I blogged more often. It actually started earlier this year when I rewrote this whole blog1 back in March. So what got me back here in a text editor writing a blog post? Really it came down to that weekly feeling at the end of the weekend that I’ve finished very little. I guess if I can finish at least one small blog post, I can start feeling like I’ve finished something.

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