Building My Second Brain

You may have noticed lately that I’ve been blogging a bit more regularly. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do with my site but always found reasons not to do it. A lot of times the reasons were just being busy—which is kind of a fake reason. Other times it was I just didn’t know what I wanted to write about. So I’d like to talk a little about what changed in my blogging mindset, what tools I’ve been using, and how I’ve started building a second brain.

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Static Blog Automation

As I’ve written about in the past this blog is powered by Hugo—a static site generator. That’s great and all but it really limits when I can write posts. Something running Hugo needs to build the site and that output needs to be published somewhere. I’ve done a few things to make this process a more automatic. Writing Posts on my MacBook Pro First of all I needed to make it much easier to create a new post.

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Goodbye Octopress, Hello Hugo

Over the last month I’ve been using the Go language more and more. It’s a pretty fun language but I often find myself wishing I was writing Swift. I came across this new static engine system that was written in Go and thought I’d try it out. It’s called Hugo. I don’t have anything bad to say about Octopress, and a new version is coming soon. But wow, Hugo is fast. Crazy fast.

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Just Say It

During a recent interview with Marcus Zarra on the CocoaConf Podcast, Marcus made a quick little comment that really resonated with me. To paraphrase, Marcus said something like “If you ask for opinions about something to a room of developers, you don’t get much of a response. If you just say something wrong they’ll tell you about it.” It’s an interesting point. People do love to correct you when you say something wrong or even something not 100% correct.

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UIAppearance for fun and profit

Over at Two Toasters we’ve started a blog to discuss technical topics around iOS (and Android) development called Toastmo. Lately I’ve been pushing everyone to use UIAppearance in their work and custom views. Today we posted an article I wrote about it that covers all the basics and gives a few examples of implementing the protocol to help your own views. UPDATE: This post is no longer online. Sorry.

Back to blogging and working without a clock

It’s that time of year again. That time, late in the year, where I start wishing I blogged more often. It actually started earlier this year when I rewrote this whole blog1 back in March. So what got me back here in a text editor writing a blog post? Really it came down to that weekly feeling at the end of the weekend that I’ve finished very little. I guess if I can finish at least one small blog post, I can start feeling like I’ve finished something.

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