RealPass for iPhone

This was my first real project to learn the iPhone SDK. I didn’t release it until after iAdvent though. I removed it from sale in 2009.

RealPass generates passwords that you’ll actually remember. Just plug in a secret word that only you know and RealPass will inserts randomly selected characters for each letter of the word. Characters could be lower or upper case letters, numbers, or symbols.

While other password generators create passwords that are difficult to remember, RealPass starts with something that’s already memorable to the user. RealPass is FREE, so give it a try today! WHAT IS X3Rr3!2@w MEAN ANYWAY? No more X3d3r@!e3! With RealPass, words like ‘cheesecake’ are converted to ‘cH3353C@ke’ or other randomly created options. If you don’t like the first generation, hit create until you come up with a password you do like. Create a password to remember!

Apparently I considered this “design”…