A friend said they were going to do Advent of Code this year and I thought, hey I should too! I’ve wanted to do it for the last couple years but always forget. Anyway, it started today and I just completed day 1. I decided to only use my iPad Pro with Swift Playgrounds. 😬

📚 I’ve been listening to the Hamilton book by Ron Chernow since we saw Hamilton the Musical last week. First, I hear the music from the show in my head while listening to the book and omg this book is long. Still 29 hours to go.

🎥 I saw “Bohemian Rhapsody” with my daughter tonight, it was good and Rami Malek knocked it out of the park. I’m pretty sure the entirer 3rd act was the Live Aid concert and I’m ok with that. 😀

Tonight I tried to design an app prototype on the iPad Pro using Marvel and Affinity Designer. I’m slow with the tools because they are new to me but it was really fun to think through a product without just jumping into Xcode or sketching ugly rectangles.

Thanks to the new iPad Pro and my iPhone X, I just spent a minute trying to swipe up on my test iPhone. I've already forgotten about the home button. 🙃

Like clockwork, I’m back to feeling like blogging again. First up to see if my microblog setup still works!

In writing some guidelines to how we use JIRA at Highrise, I wrote “It’s more about why we are creating this feature and less about being just a todo list”. We have too many tasks that are “Design This”, ”Build Thing”, and none that carry the idea that this is for a person from idea through design and developlement.

My wife has been learning R and working on RStudio. Today she started a new blog using Hugo and Netlify. There is a plugin called blogdown for RStudio which makes this pretty easy to setup and handles running the R code and attaching any output to the post.

I organize my development directory pretty well between work and side projects. Each of those directories usually has a _playground and _tools directory for testing things or common tools. Today I noticed my _playground directory is >8gb. That's a lot of sand.

That SpaceX launch today was pretty mind-blowing. I hope the future space-archeologists enjoy their discovery of some chunk of metal “Made on Earth by humans”. I think this might be my favorite gif right now though.