Talk of the “conference era” ending has me also thinking about CocoaHeads. There is social value but are presentations still valuable? Or is iOS just not cool anymore? Our local CocoaHeads has seen fewer attendees lately, is it time to significantly change it or end it?

I just published a new blog post where I talk about how I automate the process of posting a new blog post, Static Blog Automation.

Yesterday I did this LLDB thing to avoid an unnecessary breakpoint that occured on ‘SIGPIPE’. It works great but I keep seeing it updated by Xcode. I don’t need to track updates so I learned a new git trick: git update-index --assume-unchanged <file>.

I’ve had this problem in Xcode where it breaks on SIGPIPE when I disconnect from our WebSocket implementation. Today I learned about this lldb command: pro hand -p true -s false SIGPIPE. Xcode doesn’t load the .lldbinit file so I had to improvise. A shared symbolic break point on our socket connection method did the trick.

Tonight I finished my “@meetup crossover” by completing the second part of my two parter about cross platform development. Part 1 at CocoaHeads October discussed it with Xcode, part 2 was tonight at TriDroid discussed with Android Studio.

I voted today in Durham. It might have been one of the strangest ballots I’ve seen. There was only one decision to make, Raleigh mayor.

My son is learning to code. I challenged him to make a change to my blog. He submitted a pull request to delete a photo of himself. 😀

I love that there is a middle finger emoji 🖕 and that television networks sensor it when displayed. I guess if George Carlin were still alive, it would be “Seven Dirty Words and one emoji”.

I now have an iPhone X. I don’t think the notch is as annoying as I thought it would be, the screen is pretty amazing, and I don’t even miss the home button. Not sure yet on having the control center as a swipe down from the top of the screen.

Earlier this week I merged in some updates to my “internet weblog” theme for hugo, mostly to bring it up to the latest Hugo version. I also noticed it’s the only theme with the microblog tag so if you want to host your own microblog, check it out!