My Developer Tools and Utilities List (2012 Edition)

I’ve often wanted to do a yearly roundup of the tools and utilities I use; if only as a log of things I use over time. I’ve seen this idea come up often on other blogs, so this is an idea borrowed from other developers on the internet. Anyway, the following is a list of hardware and software I use on a regular basis. Hardware Retina MacBook Pro - with a 2.

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Automated Acceptance Testing or: How I stopped worrying and trusted the tests

This month at Triangle CocoaHeads in Durham, I stepped away from being just the organizer and did a talk on automated acceptance testing with Calabash. This is a topic I’m really excited to learn more about and am constantly trying to become a better tester. I first learned about Calabash when seeing a video of one of the blitz talks from NSConference about it. I started using it on one project and it seemed to do a nice job.

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Static Linking with C++ Project in Xcode

This week at NSCoder Night, another developer was trying to statically link the MySQL library. He had initially linked it as a dynamic library and couldn’t seem to get it working with Xcode. After working with it for a little while I figured out what needed to happen; and it wasn’t clear. Here I’ll discuss what process I went through to track down the problem and what tools I used.

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Things I wish I knew yesterday

Even when you’ve been working in an environment for years, you still find things you never knew. I liken it to learning about a famous actor you had never heard of, but has starred in all your favorite movies. I found two things that I wish I had known or seen, but for whatever reason, I missed. First up, convenience functions for converting a CGRect to a NSString or a NSString to a CGRect.

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Global hotkeys in Cocoa on Snow Leopard

I am working on a small app at the office for all our mac users to help locate files on the network (more on this later), I decided to go with a spotlight style NSStatusItem based app. I’ve been really inspired by these apps lately (when done right). Mostly thanks to Notify. To make this more handy I decided to include a global hotkey. For Leopard and earlier, one problem is you have to use the old Carbon-based events.

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Getting kids excited about coding

Want to get your kids excited about coding? Think about looking into arduino. My fashion design and meteorology loving daughter was having a great time and even said “coding is fun!”.

iPhone App UI Tricks - Drag from outside the Screen

This really isn’t a trick, or even a tip. In fact, no additional code was written to get this behavior. However, it is too cool not to show some how and the small pictures on the App Store don’t do it justice. By placing a UIView (or subclassed view) on the bottom of my main view, messages to touchesMoved:withEvent: are made as soon as your finger crosses into the iPhone’s screen.

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