Okay, it’s not even a real issue but I’ve decided to stick with the 12.9” iPad Pro. New Apple releases always get me excited but the new 9.7” is underpowered compared to my existing iPad, it just doesn’t make sense to “upgrade”. I’m not the only one thinking this way either. I’ve actually started using my iPad Pro a little more with the Apple Pencil. For a few years I’ve been doing the Bullet Journal method on paper, now I’m writing these notes in Notability and I get all the benefits of it being digital—syncing, embedded images, etc.

New Apple announcements today, I really liked how Tim Cook opened the event talking about their position in the privacy issue, their goals to use renewable energy, and the new Carekit SDK. I’ll be getting a new 9.7” iPad Pro as soon as I can sell my 12.9” iPad Pro. The new one seems like the perfect iPad to me especially with that True Tone stuff. I’ve already bought my new watch band.

Listening is Reading

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a problem with reading. The problem is staying focused as my mind easily drifts to something unrelated or something linked to what I’m reading about. Minutes will go by and I’ll realize that none of the reading I had been doing has actually made it into my head. As if it wasn’t read at all. I want to be a reader. I want to read fiction and non-fiction.

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Daredevil season 2 was pretty great. I’m happy overall with the Netflix section of the Marvel cinematic universe but I really wish that they’d do a little bit more of the crossover stuff. Marvel movies (and comics) are often fun because of who shows up. How awesome would it have been for Spider-Man to show up when Daredevil was on the rooftops listening for crime?

I feel like I now have a good understanding of Amazon Web Services. This means later today I’ll discover something that wrecks my understanding. But wow, with Terraform and AWS you can really simply build and deploy a pretty crazy set of servers. I’m even deploying docker-based apps.

I’ve occasionally been working at The Frontier in RTP during the week. We have a small office there and I’ve noticed I don’t like using my headphones when in there. So I picked up a UE Roll Bluetooth Speaker based on a Wirecutter recommendation. I’m really happy with it. It is small but heavy, feels durable, and sounds great.

→ Number Rush

Apparently I’m not the only one named “Josh Johnson” that has a problem with German numbers. Here is a web-based game by another Josh Johnson to help with your German number learning. It also uses React.js which is something I’ve been wanting to play with. You can see the code on Github.

I just finished a marathon of the 4th season of “House of Cards” on Netflix. I think the season was good but real life presidential elections seem so much more crazy.

Last night at NSCoder Night we were playing around with Dan Leehr’s new app Clone. It’s really a great 1.0. With this and Travis CI, I can now publish to this blog from my iPhone or iPad Pro by just committing to Github.

→ Guide to Functional Reactive Programming

Realm, which posts amazing videos regularly, has just posted a Guide to Functional Reactive Programming. They discuss the why, the what, the how, and the who all while linking to some great videos. Definitely a nice resource if you haven’t looked into this. I’ve read a lot about it but I don’t think I’ve fully internalized this yet. This will definitely help.