I’m always interested in and on the lookout for a great todo app. This week Things 3 was released and it is an amazing set of apps—from the UI to the simplicity to the little bounce when you shrink the window. I predict an Apple Design Award in it’s future.

I like @manton’s (and others?) idea of having a microcast. I really want to like it but feel weird listening to someone’s 1-way thoughts. I’ve been thinking about getting back into podcasting and want to try it. What do you all think of microcasting?

I signed up for YouTube Red a few months ago because I was really frustrated with ads during videos. Now whenever I go to another site and see a video ad, I feel like something is broken. Business Idea: A monthly payment to remove yourself from ALL ads on the internet.

One of the goals of relaunching CocoaHeads.tv was to make it easy for other organizers to contribute. Last week @zorn from Philadelphia CocoaHeads posted 3 new videos and they are great.

To all you new micro-bloggers, if you are looking to host your micro-blog and want to use hugo, I’ve built a theme that supports it. Check it out here: https://github.com/jnjosh/internet-weblog.

These microposts are now also available on micro.blog/jnjosh. I haven’t quite figured out how I’ll publish to this remotely yet but I’m thinking about moving back to an automated build.

Yesterday I blogged about TODO lists not living up to my expectations. I should have been more clear but didn’t realize it to later. It’s not any of the apps themselves that have the problem. It’s me. I’m the problem. Present-Josh doesn’t care what Past-Josh thinks is important and just ignores it. Anyway, I found a new one I’m trying that at least provides the one-thing-at-a-time point of view that I’d like to have. It’s called Doo.

CocoaHeads started up again this week with a talk by Ameir Al-Zoubi about NSDate and related concepts and a talk by Rob Napier about applying lessons from functional programming to Swift. Both talks were really great and we had a pretty well attended meeting. If you didn’t make it, stay tuned to http://cocoaheads.tv for the videos!

I’m spinning up on a small new project and, well I have to say it, I miss having Parse available as a service. Thankfully it’s open-sourced so maybe I should use it to develop this idea. I looked into Firebase, but it doesn’t fit my mental model of what I need. I could go to AWS but that’s serious overkill. Okay, I just microblog-convinced myself to use open-sourced Parse. I mean it’s a small dataset without a user concept so it should be pretty easy to move later.

I had a couple good tweet conversations about my Social Network for Coders post. @louielouie mentioned the lack of a twitter-like feed and client but also added that there is a lot of commit noise when dealing with source control repos. @evercode thought there should also be a forum-like interface or even something like Reddit. I’m not sure what would come of this but I like the conversation. Maybe some day Github will add more community features? Or maybe this should be something built as a coordination between Github and another service?